TekVal Int'l Inc.
TekVal Int'l Inc is an innovative engineering and renewable sources
of energy company, with a head office in
Omaha Nebraska and
Damascus Syria (temporary closed).
  • Violet Gold  (latest technology)
  • Tri-Element 360 (next to best)
    Evacuated Glass Tubes (200 Litters & 300 Litters)

'GreenSun Royal™' brand is designed, manufactured and certified to withstand the
harsh weather of the USA.  SWH can be used for residential, housing complexes
and for industrial purposes starting from providing hot water for around the house
use passing through total residential solar hot-water projects and ending with
heating up swimming pools during summer times and utilizing the hot water
during winter months to assist the central Gas/diesel driven heating systems.

2.   Solar Air-Conditioning:        > 50% power saving

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of high quality & high
efficiency Solar Air Conditioners with wide range of capacities and design to
suit any of  your cooling and fashion requirements.
Various capacities of cooling power ranging from
12000BTU to 42000BTU and   
are available in Split and Cabinet types to match your needs.

  • Our latest TVL780KW wind turbine, Powerful, Reliable & Affordable
  • We are WES of Holland "wind energy solutions” dealer in the middle-
    east Syria. WES30-mk1 250KW & WES18-mk1 80KW.
  • We carry highly efficient and CE certified Wind turbines covering             
    200W ~ 50KW power range with very attractive and competitive
    warranty & pricing.

    4.   Solar Panels, Garden & Street lights

  • We now Carry Panels up to 280 Watts
  • Highest efficiency Mono Crystalline panels.
  • Quality garden solar light with affordable price.
WES 18-mk1
Solar Air Conditioner
Split type
Solar Air Conditioner
Cabinet type
TekVal  Solar Air Conditioner
High Quality, Hight Performance & CE & UL certified
GreenSun Royal
8 different models to chose from
Butterfly 50 tubes
Engineering & renewable sources of energy
10KW                              20KW                             30KW                             50KW
WES 30-mk1
TekVal  Wind Turbines
300W and up to 50KW
High Quality, Hight Performance & CE certified
80KW and 250KW
Holland made / Best quality
Our panels are "CE, IEC61215 & TUV  Certified
Our Solar Air-conditioners are "CE, UL  Certified
TekVal latest wind turbine 780KW
Powerful reliable & affordable
40M copper coil heat
pipe pressurized
Two coils exchanger
for central heating
Our Latest Invention