Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines (200W to 50KW)
    Main Features
    •        200W to 50KW Wind turbines available
    •        Average life time of wind turbines are 20year
    •        Maintenance free
    •        Low cutting wind speed
    •        Outstanding cost effective performance
    •        Epoxy, glass and carbon fibre rotor blades
    •        Permanent magnet 3 Phase Ac generators
    •        Direct Drive
    •        Automatic furling safety system
    •        Electric brake switch
    •        For grid connect and standalone power.
TekVal CE certified turbines
TekVal Int'l Inc.

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1.Battery charge regulator
The essential functions of a charge regulator are: Preventing overcharging of the battery: If
the wind Turbine system supply more current than can be absorbed by the battery at that
moment,the charging current is reduced by the charging regulator. The excess current is
transferred to a dump load, which can be utilised for heating air or by means of a special
heater, for water heating. A reduced charging current remains to compensate the
self-discharge of the battery. The full charging current is automatically switched on again
when the battery voltage drops preventing over-discharging of the battery: If the consumer
discharges the battery to a grate extend and the so called over-discharge limit is reached,
the load on the battery has to be disconnected. A low-voltage alarm or automatic load
rejection mechanism can be installed in the charge regulator. As soon as the battery
resumes the reset threshold, the load is switched on again.

2.Rotor blades
all wind turbines are equipped with standard rotor blades made of fibre-glass reinforced
epoxy. Production of the rotor blades is based on a patented production method known as
press winding. The blades are produced in one piece, as opposed to two pieces glued
together. The leading edge is treated with a special coating to protect it against erosion.

3.Permanent magnet generator:
Construction: The PMG-generator is constructed by ourselves from Standard motor parts
in a fully enclosed housing, without fan or fan cover.

4.Hinged vane safety system
The function of the safety system with an inclined hinged vane is to limit the rotational
speed of the rotor and to limit the axial forces acting upon the rotor. This is accomplished
by the rotor gradually being turned out of the wind with increasing wind.
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