GreenSun Royal
The All-Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater

GreenSun Royal  is our latest own trade mark that succeeded our original
 classic which users have used for years and came to know and
love for its quality and performance.

GreenSun Royal consists of three main parts:

  1. The Tank. (All Stainless)
  2. The Evacuated Glass Tubes. 24 tubes with Tri-element 360 technology
  3. The Stand. (All Stainless)

  • The Inner tank; Stainless steel 304-2b (food grade),      0.6mm thick
    (highest in its class)
  • The outer tank: Stainless Steel SUS-304.                          0.5mm thick
    (highest in its class)
  • High quality 55mm Polyurethane insulator.

    B.      Violet Gold tubes are optional
  • Tri-element vacuum tube product feature:

    1. Main body component :High-quality borosilicate glass.

    2. Assimilate the advanced 12 layers of spattering deposition of
    trivalent element technology, Inner coating of tubes consists of
    layers of copper, stainless steel and aluminium nitride .

    3. Advanced filming technology .

    4. Through the interlayer, vacuum has a unique thermo effect , with
    its temperature up to 380 degrees of idle sunning.

    5. High performance of absorption ( more than 96% )and low
    reflection ratio( less than 0.056/20º C).

    6. Size (Diameter x Length) :
    47 x 1,500mm & 58 X 1,800 are Standard best for winter
    months. Optional choices
    47 x 1,800mm
    58 x 1,800mm,
    58 x 2,100mm.

    C.        Our Stainless Steel frame is designed from the grounds up to
    compliment the high quality the tank and the tubes present.  The Frame
    was designed to withstand the harshest weather around while
    maintaining the sturdiness and stability.  
TekVal Int'l Inc.
Tri-element 360 vacuum tube
GreenSun Royal  Cross section
Engineering & renewable sources of energy
Highly Intelligent controllers
Monitors water level & temperature, manages water supply automatically

•        Startup self-check
•        Clock display
•        Water level preset
•        Water temperature preset
•        Water temperature display
•        Water level display
•        Water shortage alarm
•        Water loading after water shortage
•        Manual water loading
•        Temperature controlled water loading
•        Prevention against pipe break
•        Automatic pressure loading
•        Pipe thermal insulation
•        Retain memory settings after power outage
•        Prevention against dry heating
•        Prevention against heat in sun
•        Prevention against heating fire zone
•        Dual heating timing
•        Dual water loading timing
•        Temperature controlled heating
1. Dimension: 120mm×120mm×18mm
2. Self power consumption: <3W
3. Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2 degrees
4. Temperature range of measurement: 0~99degrees
5. Power of temperature difference controlled circulation pump≤600W(P1)
6. Power of time controlled circulation pump≤600W(P2)
7. Power of auxiliary electrical booster≤2000W(standard collocation), ≤3000W(not standard, selection available)

Inputs and Outputs

1. Inputs signal
(1) Temperature sensor on top of tank T1
(2) Temperature sensor on collector T2
(3) Temperature sensor on bottom part of tank T3
2. Output controlling
(1) Electrical booster
(2) Circulation 1 (p1)
(3) Circulation 2 (P2)

Main functions

1. Time display
2. Temperature display
3. Temperature difference controlled circulation
4. Hot water timing circulation at three preset time sections
5. Timing heating at three preset time sections
6. Frost protection
7. Memory protection when power is failure
8. Trouble indication of sensor
(3 temperature sensors, two separate pumps).