TekVal Int'l Inc.
Engineering & renewable sources of energy
GreenSun Royal-200
24/26 X 4
7mm X 1500mm
GreenSun Manifold
Two heat exchange coils
for space heating
10KW turbine
WES30 250KW
20KW turbine
30KW turbine
50KW turbine
WES18 80KW
1- Solar Water Heaters.
The Highest in Quality & Efficiency
4- TekVal CE Certified Wind Turbines.
3- Solar Air Conditioner.
Solar Air Conditioner
Split type
Solar Air Conditioner
Cabinet type
TekVal  Solar Air Conditioner
High Quality, Hight Performance & CE certified
14 different models to chose from
High tech Solar collector
utilized in our
Solar Air-Conditioners
Intelligent controller
Other Accessories
2- Photo Voltaic (PV) cells - Highest efficiency around
Mono Crystalline panels.
GreenSun Royal-300
24/26 X 58mm X 1800mm
Jumbo 300 Litters                                    200 Litters
Our panels are "CE, UL, IEC61215 & TUV  Certified