Our Latest Invention
TekVal Int'l Inc.
We invented the first solar space heater, we call it SolarFurnace.

We have just finished manufacturing and successfully testing the prototype for our brand
new invention (
SolarFurnace) that utilizes solar energy to assist space heating for
residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Technical specs & features

Each SolarFurnace can heat up a dwelling of about 1000 ~1200 square feet.
can be built in cascaded format to cover larger spaces. Measures only
9cm*120cm*210cm (DWL)

    1)        SolarFurnace is the first [Space Heater solar furnace] in the world that is
    100%   self-sustained (no need for any external source of power “Gas or Electric”).
    Fully powered by the solar radiated energy.

    2)        Totally insulated from its surroundings with a maximum efficiency of 92% out
    of the total solar energy falling on it.

    3)        Estimated running cost is $0.00.

    4)        Each unit puts out about 11,000 BTU of heat (that is one ton of free heat).

    5)        Each unit is adequate to heat a space of 1,000 to 1,200 square feet that is the
    size of 80% of average American residential homes.

    6)        SolarFurnace can be placed on any external surface facing south.

    7)        SolarFurnac is extremely quiet.

    8)       SolarFurnace Can be easily manufactured in different size to form an external
    house wall.

    9)       SolarFurnace is patent pending.

    10)      SolarFurnace is a made in USA invention.