WES BV manufactures 3 types of grid-connected wind turbines ranging from 2,5 kW to 250
kW. These turbines can be connected to the meter at a house, school, office, apartment
building, farm, factory, hotel, bungalow park or other location where the electricity
consumption falls within the production capacity of these turbines. If a larger turbine(s) is
needed, WES BV can provide other alternatives.

Our 80 kW and 250 kW turbines are also ideally suited for use in small wind farms (up to
2,5 MW), where the electricity produced is fed directly into the grid.

WES Component Suppliers:
WES is supplied by world renowned equipment manufacturers such as; ABB, FLENDER,
WES Wind Energy Solutions of Holland
TekVal Int'l Inc.
The WES18 is a well-known Dutch 80 KW wind turbine. This high yielding wind turbine, is
the result of hundreds years Dutch experience with windmills. The combination of variable
speed, a mechanical passive blade pitching system and a hinged blade mounting system
is unique in the world. This combination makes it a very reliable turbine for use in both
weak and strong grids.

The WES30 is a grid connected system and especially suitable for big electricity users and
for small wind farms at logistically difficult terrain. When the wind blows sufficiently (at least
5 m/s average) it will generate a lot of electricity. Due to its sturdy design is has a relatively
low maintenance cost. This is a very reliable money-making wind turbine.
Payback cash flow
TekVal is proud to be
WES dealer in
the Middle-East Syria